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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you come on-site?

Yes, on the wedding day we come on-site. 


Can I bring someone to the trial run?

Yes, of course!! :)


When do I schedule my trial run?

Due to the high number of weddings we book, we highly recommend scheduling your trial run as soon as your booking is complete (even if it is necessary to book several months out). This will ensure you can schedule your appointment on a date that is convenient for you.


Will the artist at the trial be the same artist scheduled on the wedding day?



Do you charge a travel fee?

There is no travel fee if your “getting ready location” is in the Portland metro area. If outside the Portland metro area, travel fees are as follows:

$50 hr. outside the Portland metro area for one artist, $70 for two artists, and $90 for 3 artists.


Do I need to put down a deposit to hold the date/ what do I need to do to hold the date?

Yes, a deposit & signed contract are required to reserve your date. Please keep in mind we do receive several inquiries every day, and we hold dates on a first come first serve basis.


What forms of payment do you take?

For the deposit you will be sent a contract &  request for payment via Honeybook so you can pay with a debit or credit card. On the wedding day we accept cash or check.


Can you accommodate large parties?

Absolutely. We can accommodate as many people as needed - We have 6 lead artists & 6 assistants (for example, if there were 12 people that needed both hair & make-up we’d send at least 4, possibly 5 artists). Below is an example of how we schedule services for the big day:


With Bri:

8:00-8:45 Make-up 1

8:45-9:30 Make-up 2

9:30-11:30 BRIDE HAIR & MAKE-UP


With Josalyn:

8:00-8:45  Make-up 3

8:45-9:30 Make-up 4

9:30-10:15 Make-up 5

10:15-11:00 Make-up 6

11:00-11:45  Make-up 7

11:45-12:30 Make-up 8


With Emilie:

8:00-8:45 hair 1

8:45-9:30 hair 2

9:30-10:15 hair 3

10:15-11:00 hair 4

11:00-11:45 hair 5


What brands of makeup do you use?

Our makeup has a reputation for lasting a good 18hrs with only lip gloss touch ups needed and sometimes a light powder IF you are really oily. We use quite a few MAC products, some Makeup forever, Smashbox, Face Atelier, and also some amazing industry products that are used in film/television

Here are a couple of my favorite products I use to ensure that your makeup will stay put rain or shine-


*Make-up Forever HD primer, which is a super lightweight oil free primer

*Face Atelier pro foundation, followed by MAC blot powder

* Model in a bottle makeup setting spray- an absolutely AMAZING setting spray (learn more about it here:

I've found these products are super gentle, and don't bother my clients with even the most sensitive skin.


Do you do airbrush?

I have done airbrush makeup in the past- However I find that with the primers, foundations, & make-up sealer I use- I get the much more precise & beautiful result that is incredibly long lasting.... All the photos in my portfolio are of make-up done this way.


I’m interested in hair extensions, do you work with them?

Yes, all the stylists are very familiar & comfortable working with extensions. Clip-in extensions are our favorite-  They are wonderful!! We often use them with our brides- the BEST ones are Euronext Brand @ Sally's beauty supply (they run about $130-$150 depending on the length. I LOVE mine, and wear them ALL the time!!


Is there a service minimum?

Yes, for Saturday weddings June-October we do have a 4 service minimum