About Our Team

Portland Make-up & Hair artists are a collective group of award winning, highly trained,  & extremely experienced artists.   We consult with all our clients in depth to make sure we understand exactly the look they want- whether it be soft and romantic, or smokin’ hot and sexy- our artists can create the perfect look for your wedding day.

Beyond excellence in Hair & Makeup design, we tend to the pampered client. We know  how to anticipate and tackle every imaginable beauty need……...  We are there not only to provide exceptional Hair & Makeup services-  We strive to  keep your big day as relaxing, stress free & as smooth as possible!!!

We focus on the utmost customer satisfaction so that our clients to not only love the way they look, but feel the most beautiful they ever have.

  ***A Note from Bri:

My vision has always been to bring together a team of professional, driven, highly skilled, dependable, fun & personable artists....... Also  very important to me:  I wanted the PM&H team to be a "family", .... a  group of artists that supports each other, & lifts each other up.  (as cheesy & cliche as it may sound)....  A group that is hard working, ambitious, generous, humble, and passionate- but has fun too!!   I am so very thankful for these girls, and I love & appreciate each & every member of my team.    Each Portland Make-up & Hair Artist has been hand picked to join this team not only because they are highly experienced & talented-   Every artist was selected  because of their professionalism, personality,  & character.    I  absolutely adore these girls, & I know you will too! :)